Taking things for granted

Vivek Sharma
1 min readMar 20, 2022

Often it happens in life that things keep happening the way we want without a lot of effort. This can be possible because of two things -

  • Good Luck- I don’t believe it in a lot but it does impact us upto an extent.
  • Past Efforts — It’s possible that at some point one was enthusiastic about something, worked hard enough, reached a good stage, and then took a backseat assuming that things will keep on running on auto-pilot.

The moment we put things on auto-pilot, we pave a path for our own descend. Life unlike machines isn’t meant to be taken for granted. It’s an everlasting process that requires continuous efforts for its sustenance.

Be it your career, health, relationships everything demands continuous nourishment otherwise, it will die down slowly. Even if you look at the nature around you, everything is following this cycle irrespective of how big or small they are.

  • You can’t expect your health to be alright if you are not controlling your diet, doing exercises etc.
  • You can’t expect the same level of respect, affection, trust etc in relationships if you are not putting enough from your end.
  • You can’t expect your company to give you increments if you are not making continuous progress.

This cycle may look monotonous as we are always craving for something new.

But finding new while being involved in this cycle should be the ultimate goal.